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JESUS CARES CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (J.C.C.A.) was established in 1996 to help less fortunate children by giving them quality and affordable education from a private school while instilling in them the teachings of the Bible. This vision was given to Ptra. Nenita Uy to raise up future Christian leaders for the glory of God and to fulfill God’s great commission of reaching the ends of the earth to preach the good news of salvation. From very humble beginnings at Pulanglupa, JCCA now has its own building at the heart of Dona Manuela Subdivision and upgraded a lot of its facilities.


J.C.C.A. envisions to be an organization that promotes and practices the teachings of Christ and of the Bible. It dreams to be a premiere educational institution that bestows upon its learners the necessary Learning, Literacy and Life Skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century while being accessible and affordable.


Unleash each child’s full potential. Ignite the mind, nurture the heart, revive the spirit and develop the body – for the ultimate goal of giving glory to God.


Upcoming Schedules

First Monthly Assessment SY 2022-2023:

September 1 (Thur):
Prekinder – 9:10-10:10am
Kinder – 8:00-9:00am
Grade 1 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 2 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 3 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 4 – 9:10-11:20am
Grade 5 – 9:10-11:20am
Grade 6 – 9:10-11:20am
Grade 7 – 9:10-11:20am
Grade 8 – 10:20-12:30pm
Grade 9 – 10:20-12:30pm
Grade 10 – 10:20-12:30pm

September 2 (Fri):
Prekinder – 10:20-12:30pm
Kinder – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 1 – 8:00-9:00am
Grade 2 – 8:00-9:00am
Grade 3 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 4 – 9:10-11:20am
Grade 5 – 8:00-11:20am
Grade 6 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 7 – 8:00-10:10am
Grade 8 – 9:10-12:30pm
Grade 9a – 9:10-12:30pm
Grade 9b – 10:20-12:30pm
Grade 10 – 9:10-11:20am


JCCA is fully online and uses Zoom as its standard video conferencing platform. The school also uses different learning platforms including Kite as its Learning Management System.

Student Access to Learning

Students are given individual personalized email and Google Drive accounts using the domain. Both the email account and Google Drive have unlimited storage. Students can also be provided with online MS Office access if they need.

Parent Support

Contact details of teachers, advisers and system admin are made available to help the parents with their concerns. We are responsive to your needs and are eager to assist you.

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Chinabank is our main bank but there are other payment options available as follows:

Chinabanking Corporation
Acct. Name: Jesus Cares Christian Academy
Current Acct. No. 140-019641-6

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Acct. Name: Norberto Uy
Current Acct. No. 0145-0000-41

Banco de Oro
Acct. Name: Norberto Uy
Current Acct. No. 006988011931

The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Acct. Name: Norberto Uy
Current Acct. No. 014-7014-51594-8

GCash Account: Nelson Uy
Acct. No. 0919 074 0326

PayMaya Account: Nelson Uy
Acct. No. 0919 074 0326

PayPal Account:
Nelson Uy


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Proverbs 22:6
“Train up a child in the way he should go…”