Do parents need to stay with their children during the online classes?

The answer varies from child to child. Although we can say that maturity plays a big role on whether a child can learn online independently, we suggest the following for the parents:
* Preschool to Grade 1 pupils – should be assisted in the whole duration of the online learning.
* Grade 2 and Grade 3 pupils – parents should try to test if their child can learn on their own. Let them control the classes with your supervision. Do not leave them during the classes.
* Grade 4 to Grade 6 pupils – parents should guide the children by reading the lesson objectives to them and make them explain it in their own words. Tell them what output is expected of them and make them repeat it in their own understanding. Their work should be checked every once in a while.
* Grade 7 above – capable to study independently but it is natural for the children to stray from their online classes if they are not supervised. Make them read the lesson objectives on their own and check if their understanding is correct. Check if they understand what they need to do and what output is expected of them. Check if the expected outputs are completed and submitted.

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